Rosemary Vega and Big Ed were among the most popular couples in the fourth season of the 90-day wedding, which just ended: Up to 90 days. At the beginning of the season many viewers hoped that Rosemary and Big Ed would get married before the end of the series. However, when the fans met the couple, they were shocked by Big Ed’s lack of respect for his girlfriend. In a disturbing scene, Big Ed told Rosemary that her breath didn’t smell very good, and the fans were outraged by this rude remark.

The 90-day alliance between Big and Rose is disputed

No wonder Rosemary decided to break up with Big Ed at the end of the season. Fans have now learned more about Big Ed’s lack of respect for his former Filipino girlfriend.

During the first part Rosemary told everyone last Sunday that Big Ed had offered her money to take her clothes off in front of the camera. The 23-year-old reality TV star said she was sad at the time and Big Ed noticed her bad mood and asked her what was bothering her. When Rosemary explained that she was stressed by her life in the Philippines, Big Ed suggested that she take off her clothes so he could film her naked. An American reality TV star told Rosemary that he would even pay for the video.

The Big Ed of a 90-day-old groom has the most sociopathic energy I’ve ever seen. The hem, which places it in a comfort zone, really shows that it is disgusting from the inside, even if it is broken from the outside. #biged #90DayFianceTellAll#

– ℭ (@ufc_goth) 8. June 2020.

Big Ed knocked out the fans of 90 Day Fiance.

After Rosemary’s statement, the fans went to social media to shut Big Ed down.

Viewers of 90-Day Fiancé have always thought Big Ed is a pervert, and Rosemary’s recent comments have confirmed the fans’ theories. Many were already skeptical about the 30-year age difference between Rosemary and Big Ed, and recent accusations could tarnish Big Ed’s reputation. But Big Ed rebutted his ex-girlfriend’s claims at Tell Everybody and said she was making up stories.

Rosemary, a 54-year-old reality TV star, called Rosemary’s story ridiculous and wondered how she came up with these accusations.

The bad blood between Rosemary and Big Ed made the fans choose a side between two real stars.

Big Ed’s supporters say Rosemary is bitter about her breakup, while fans on Rosemary’s side describe Big Ed as a shameful opportunist who used his Filipino girlfriend to become famous. A strange couple was shot several times on social networking sites. Big Ed recently took a deep breath during a fan interview, while Rosemary posted her beautiful photos on Instagram to show that she is happy even without Big Ed. Fans are looking forward to the second part Tell us all about it, because there may be more details about the couple’s failed relationship. At this point, many viewers accuse Big Ed of divorce.

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