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Christina Ray came to audition for America’s Got Talent with big dreams and an even stronger voice. Like much hope, a single mother from Nashville has come a long way for this first big step towards her future and her three-year-old son, Jeremiah.

Auditions America had a talent long before the wave of protest against the murder of George Floyd. The issue of 9. The month of June came on the same day as the celebration and commemoration here in Houston of a man who never knew that his life would unleash a movement against police violence and injustice.

Christina Ray would never have known that America and the world would see her audition on the same day that millions of people would see George Floyd on the ground, but the singer brought a song that was born so far, like the one she sang on the 9th. June was reported by Entertainment Tonight and other sources.

Her performance will not only inspire Heidi Klum and the whole audience with America’s Got Talent, but will also give Christina Ray the opportunity to express herself at this special moment. Simon Cowell made a very big request.

It was a great evening for the other performers of America’s Got Talent for Christina Ray.

Even before the jury got to know the malleable teenager’s first name, Emerald Gordon Wolf literally twisted himself and every part of his body in directions never before seen at the dressing table.

She turned her head back and under her knees to grab (and put on) a pearl necklace with her mouth to end this memorable performance. The judges were impressed, although Sophia Vergara could not see most of it.

With this list of talent, America’s Got Talent regained its atypical reputation, and another teenage girl, Denmark Tuleshova, was afraid of Simon, but nevertheless took Fausya’s Golden Tears with a heartbreaking vengeance.

Apart from singing, Denmark already looks like a mini-Moroccan Canadian, which puts them very low in the competition.

Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel loved the Mad Brothers’ magical routine, but Simon Cowell’s red curtain slipped in their ears and Sophia Vergar had to shake the audience, who did not entirely agree with the duo, who were only followed by an electronic voice, but not by a real conversation.

Marty Ross literally lived his golden dream during the golden years. The 80-year-old comedian took his time, but his refined and obscene humour convinced the crowd. No audience will ever say peanut allergy without the memory of Marty. Maybe he’ll stay here for a while. America has talent.

The vocal trio Resound hit just the right notes in their moving arrangement of What the World Needs Now, which also seemed predestined for the time. A simple and beautiful passion that comes from the heart has a heartbeat that beats in every human being.

There is no doubt that the brothers Shakir and Rihan Balance are very aware of the triumph of V. The triumph of Invincible in the last Race of Champions. America has talent. Their association of total trust was evident in each rotation of the younger partner as Pin, his older cohort.

Every time, no matter how high, fast or dangerous the turn or throw, the little boy ended up in the arms of his eldest. It was fascinating to see both the efficiency and the precision of the execution and Heidi Klum was not the only judge who noticed this.

Simon Cowell led a diversity training for Selina and Cristina Ray America hastalents.

Whether in terms of editing or timing, Simon Cowell certainly reflected the more sensitive behavior of the participants in this audition. The England-born judge was not so forgiving with the barbershop quartet or the folk band, but from the moment Selina came on stage, Cowell seemed inspired by her story, in a way he might not have played in America’s Got Talent last season.

Tell us your story… Simon Cowell asked for a 30-year-old man named Sean Mendez’ Mercy, straight from the heart.

Selina was inspired by the love of her father, a musician who insisted that she always remained true to herself. She explained: I’ve had a lot of problems with my looks. I think you look great. Cowell complimented me before he said I felt good about you, Selina.

In light of recent complaints filed by the 14th Circuit Judge, the delicacy of the comments is understandable when a report was filed in the second season, Gabrielle Union, who stated that the haircut she had chosen was too black and was constantly exposed to cigarette smoke by her boss. Let’s hope America’s Got Talent really does make wider changes, not just editorial changes to create a reformed image. In another scene, all the judges are lying on the couch together in a comfortable moment.

It always makes you feel like you’re doing too much.

After Selina had accepted four positive voices, Simon warned the singer not to let the stylist touch her. In the experience of Julianne Hof and Union, such an opinion would never have been part of the criticism that America has Cowell’s talent. Maybe it’s time for a change.

Before Christina Ray came to introduce herself, her son Jeremiah introduced herself in a very uncompromising way. Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Sophia Vergara and Howie Mandel all saw a generous primitive boy watching from the stage. When his mother left, the panel asked if the boy was hers and she repeated that he was the main reason she had come to this point.

I want a house, not just a house or a friendship, like the singer said. I want him to have his own room. She then described life in my car and being homeless until Jeremiah was born. I need this to change my life, she said shamelessly.

When Phil Collins launched In the Air Tonight, it was clear that Christina Ray had hits to sing for a long time, but Simon Cowell wanted her to prove more to take over the America’s Got Talent scene.

Can I hear your second song too? He asked after the audience applause. Ooh… Terry Crews was scared out loud. When Cowell asked: Would you mind? Cristina Ray answered correctly: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. She refused to offer water, and her whole future was at stake.

Christine Ray transports her fate on a virtuous wave to the golden hem

I’m gonna let that adrenaline carry me. Christina Ray insisted in Cowell. The judge asked him to imagine that it was your moment of remembrance.

With just a hint of delay, Christina Ray’s lungs seemed to be carrying the wind of the storm when her stage presence on the Gimme Shelter turned into a giant. Ooh, turned to the roar of the singer who warned the children that she knew it was just a gunshot! The echo of the well-known national anthem seems stronger than ever during the current riots.

Cristina Ray felt it in every word, and she didn’t give in for a second. For the song, Heidi Klum told him my heart was beating for you. After the song Heidi had to say and do more.

Are you ready for this? Heidi asked Christina Ray.

Yeah, answered the mother, probably thinking she was talking about the rounds. Are you ready for this? The mannequin asked to point directly to the golden ringtone one more time before he pressed the golden ringtone and sent Christina Ray live with a shower of golden confetti.

Heidi Klum came on stage for a big hug – mom to mom. She also gave Jeremiah a box of golden confetti with souvenirs, which he threw away just like any other three-year-old boy. Simon Cowell went backstage to congratulate Christina Ray and greeted her as one of the best singers we’ve ever had.

America’s Got Talent wants to be more than other talented TV shows, and it was also one of the transforming moments of the competition.

The life of Christina Ray and her son will be different now, and we hope that the cultural change in America will affect the show, both behind and in front of the cameras.