The 2020 season of the National Football League is only a few months away and for Odell Beckham Jr. it could be the most important season of his professional career.

Each season brings pressure on teams, coaches and players to meet expectations. The expectations they, their respective owners, their fans, the media and themselves have of them. In most cases, the pressure is relieved in the course of the season as the heap is displaced. Teams may not succeed due to injuries. Coaches cannot rely on specific players. Players aren’t put in a position to play a successful season because they can’t control things.

As for Odell Beckham Jr., perhaps one of the biggest and most famous stars of the NFL, it seems that his expectations have been raised many times in recent seasons. But by 2020, the pressure on HCV will only increase if the races continue.

Remember when Odell Beckham Jr. always talked like the best receiver in the NFL? When Antonio Brown belonged to the elite and Michael Thomas was considered simply good, OBJ was called one of the best, showed his talent and presented impressive grades week after week. A few years ago, the debate continued on whether he would be the biggest beneficiary of all time.

In 2020 Odell Beckham Jr. is still great, but is he the best person to talk to in his position? When you think of the elite receivers of the NFL, Odell comes to mind for his celebrity, not so much for his success in recent years. Julio Jones, DeAndre Hopkins, Michael Thomas, Mike Evans, Tyric Hill, Davante Adams – they’ve all been more productive in recent seasons.

Although the average in 2019 is more than 1,000 metres, the number of Beckhams continues to decline compared to its pre-2017 form. In his first three seasons with the New York Giants, he collected 4,122 yards and 35 touchdowns. In the next three games, he placed only 2389 yards and 13 touchdowns.

Of course, injuries played a decisive role in this show. Odell had to miss 12 games of the 2017 season and four games of the 2018 season. But the discussion with the best players is never just a matter of talent. In that sense, no one would deny that Odell Beckham Jr. is one of the best in the world. Statistics are just as important as the order of the players.

Remember when Odell sat next to Lil Wayne in an interview and implicitly criticized his former quarterback Eli Manning, who said he hadn’t had a chance to be the best he could be. In hindsight, it’s rather ironic when you consider that Beckham has never been as successful as with Eli Manning at the helm, and no one embodies better power – availability is more than a double Super Bowl champion.

After moving to Cleveland Browns for the 2019 season, Beckham continued to cast a shadow over Manning, comparing him to his new quarterback, Baker Mayfield: I’m going to have to adjust to the speed because he only has one arm, Beckham said. He throws the ball really hard. When I caught him on the first day, it was like wow! That’s different. It just takes time.

The Brownes have closed the season 6-10. Freddie Kitchens did not qualify as head coach, Baker Mayfield fought on the field and Odell Beckham seemed to want to be in Los Angeles or New York. In any event, Beckham’s comments have often been rejected. And it’s his fault, too. He shouldn’t be responsible for everything that went wrong at Cleveland last season, especially since he plays in a position that depends on a good coach and a skilled quarterback. But if he blames his quarterback twice under the same pretext, it certainly won’t work with him. Instead, people wonder if that could be part of the solution or if it really is part of the problem.

Odell Beckham Jr. is entering his seventh season in the NFL and will turn 28 in November. So far, the sports world has seen on the football pitch what this generational talent is capable of. However, he also faced resistance in the field and expensive injuries that prevented him from working in the field. The year 2020 will show how we will see Beckham in the future. If he manages to reach three quarters of the playmaker he once was, stay healthy and post decent numbers, Odell will rise again to become one of the elite distributors in the National Football Association. Otherwise it might be time to stop seeing him as what he once was and to lower expectations, despite what can be said about his famous contract salary.

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