I am always glad that one day I wrote a story about his father. A man who takes his seat as an all-inclusive person, who can do his job, shall receive a full compensation from a civil corporation, and which in the days before the Internet with his young son Sohn, in the course of his schooling, had to be increased by the time and date rooms in Mumbai, where the ban on Salman Rushdie’s Book of Satanic Verses had to be lifted. Whom all the good news must not be written.

There is also a story about my aunt, who has been living for a year or longer in a village in Nordbengal, far away from the large family. Today, she is a member of a joint organisation. The first step towards a family-oriented approach is to align the family and society in general: one woman, one law, one emotional support. However, my aunt was my first Buchspenderin, the freshest judge of history, to those I remember, above all, of hairstrings that made the night even thinner. I am here to immerse myself in the world and to help others: I am a Wodehouse artist Auntie ohne die Schärfe.

The world has set this day of Abridging at its head. In the houses there is life, and the streets are paved. The things are rougher, the longest forgotten Töne are the most backward of all. The people have been warned to shut themselves off, but every website you visit, every contributor you read, contains tragic stories of people who are lost, helpless and very distressed. There are still connections in this interconnected world: People who come back and help, if there is no other help. Human beings who are human beings and fulfil their duty. Mittendrin meine Schwester, um, a meine Pflicht to remember. I want to thank you, and I want to thank you for your support and for your Kurzem and for the good news you have given us.

Auto Anuradha Kumar
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It’s all very well for me to remember my different duties. The very nature of this syndrome, the number of people with whom it is associated, and any other accompanying tragedy that takes place, shall give rise to recognition of a certain knowledge: The world needs the commitment of all, and that the obligations of others are extended far beyond the immediate circle. The free and fully fledged have joined forces to create an exciting and inspiring way of life for the community. I also like to have a Blick in Welten, which is one of the best made out of the spirit.

By means of video anrufe I have seen in Patna during the last few weeks the garden of my piggybacks, which my piggybacks lovingly feasted on, and it is growing in a Fran Franconian way. I see the blumbs, which I have learned to recognize in the course of the year, which now provide a basis for his sanctified change of perspective, his speech, which is now more passing by than before. This is a good idea for citizens and society as a whole. My fried gunner shakes the phone again in order to show the long hanging mango rants on the baum, which is quickly folded to the side of the night sky. Sind sie gut? I wonder, and it’s antwortet: You’re good, if you’re also good.

When my girlfriend in Bombay looks at me from a road in Dadar, which has been covered with fallen mahogany leaves and is in the middle of nowhere, the city is trampled on again. It is a picture taken from his balcony, and through a hike in the middle of the road you can see the street, a large car that is parked over the road and one or two passengers. This is a diagram that shows that I can imagine such a scene when a freund with a camera is at hand.

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Before a few days I was worried that his father was standing up. But I’m ready to see a picture of his fathers. A one-touch seat, his spectacle case on the seat and at the open time. The father of my children has read all the books and magazines again and again. I would like to say that I once read the telephone book – all the many names from which an entire city exists – and was awarded a smiley face.

One course of action, when the abritation has increased and the world is returning to some of its old ways, I can return to the stories that I wanted to write. I have an idea for a history: a chat group, which brings together all the altered elders and disguised people, and then also includes a entertainment function. As the example of the father, my friends and my aunt, who have come to speak about their many interests and histories and to share them with others. In the function everything is possible. I am sure that neither my Freund nor my Schwester will have any day. Before just one day I got a further photo of meinem Freund. The mahagonibaum hat has caused some damage by the newest clone, but it still remains. I think it will always be.

Anuradha Kumar is the Autorin of eight Romans and two works of historical Belletrics, written under the name Adity Kay. It is also for younger teachers. They were second (2004, 2010) presented to the Commonwealth Foundation. Your latest book is Coming Back to the City: Mumbai Stories veröffentlicht von Speaking Tiger.